Lisa's kind and steady disposition creates a peaceful therapeutic environment.  She guides me to a deeper understanding of my feelings through gentle questions and thoughtful insights.  I value her abilities in a range of healing techniques, including guided meditation, which she employs according to my needs and expectations.


Lisa's power lies in her patience, consistency, and commitment to making therapy a dialogue. She is warm and open, and takes the time to truly understand the client's perspective. I have benefited from her willingness to patiently work through my resistance and skepticism; she helped me to open my mind and improve my life. What I most appreciated about my experience with Lisa is how she challenged me when I needed to be pushed, and was patient and listened when I didn't. She is truly able to hold up a mirror to her clients and is a reassuring guide through the process of therapy.


Working with Lisa is a pleasure. Her unique combination of genuine compassion, a deep listening for what concerns her clients have, and the ability to bring in a variety of alternative modalities creates therapy sessions that are always insightful, supportive, and empowering. Lisa has been my biggest cheerleader in my fight to victoriously overcome my eating disorder for good and all the negative emotional baggage that came with it. Her holistic approach helped me tackle my disorder from multiple angles, something previous therapists glossed over. I also appreciate her open-mindedness and her attention to detail.


I was lucky enough to stumble upon Lisa...a bright, cheerful, truly empathetic and compassionate therapist. The environment in which I was warmly welcomed into was open and judgement-free. My journey with Lisa was challenging, yet one of the most rewarding experiences. Lisa made me feel so comfortable with expressing myself, and I always felt understood by her. Her positive attitude is contagious. I always felt a strong support from Lisa, while trying to work through tumultuous feelings that I had pushed to the back burner for a long time. Lisa's understanding disposition never ceased to make me feel at home. Lisa is a natural born therapist. I will always be grateful for the journey I shared with her, and would encourage anyone going through a difficult time in their life to seek her out. 

Thanks for always facilitating such a positive, accepting, supportive, and growth-minded space for me to understand myself better. I always feel validated and you provide the right balance of listening, prompting, and responding. I'm glad you're part of my journey!