Even as a little girl, Lisa was always emotionally intuitive, relationally oriented, and keenly aware of feelings, dynamics, and the importance of empathy.  She has always valued growth, personal responsibility and honesty in her own life, and this continues to inspire her and fuel her passion for helping others to see their value and feel entitled to achieving the change they desire.   Lisa prioritizes self-care and honors her values by engaging in activities that are personally nourishing.  Lisa has always been a creative and artistic person, and finds it essential to have expressive outlets in endeavors such as urban gardening, cooking (see Blog), organizing, drawing, endless "art projects", and her first love, photography.  Lisa holds her relationships with friends and family as the foundation of her life, and loves her two cats more than anyone can imagine.  Lisa is a lover of all arts, and knows her life is enriched by food, music, dancing, beauty, and laughter.  A Libra through and through, Lisa appreciates balance and aesthetics and hopes to inspire others with her positive outlook and demeanor. 


Lisa currently works collaboratively with clients to:

  Enhance fulfillment in relationships, lifestyle, and career

  Cultivate self esteem, self care and stress management skills

  Release and heal from fear, worry and negative thinking.

  Promote emotional and physical healing